Breakthrough Leadership Team

Mike Goldman

This is NOT a leadership book.

If you want to be the leader of a growing, profitable business that positively impacts the lives of employees and clients, it’ll take more than leveling up your capacity and capabilities as leader. It will require a leadership team of A-players who can work with you to create a vibrant, winning environment that cascades down through the organization.

Or, as Mike Goldman calls it: a breakthrough leadership team.

In this book, Mike shows you how to structure your team now and plan for future growth, get the right people on the team and the wrong people off the team, craft the right culture, develop your talent, and execute with discipline and accountability.

This is a hands-on book you’ll want to use with your leadership team and keep on your shelf to reference as your business grows and new challenges arise. It’s your key to enjoying greater and more consistent top and bottom-line growth, creating a fulfilling environment for your employees, adding more value to your clients, and having a greater impact on society.

Press & Praise

--Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

"Mike has written a book that needed to be written. A great leadership team is a necessary foundation for any company. Breakthrough Leadership Team gives us a clear, thorough approach to create and improve that team. If you aspire to create a healthy and resilient company that never stops learning and growing, read this book."

--Stephanie Harris, CEO of PartnerCentric

"As our coach for almost 5 years, Mike has helped us to transform our thinking and our ability to perform as a leadership team. By implementing many of the ideas in this book, our business has grown and so has the value we've added to our clients and employees. Read this book with your leadership team and inject these ideas into your company's DNA."

--Allan Dow, president of American Software

"As our leadership team coach, I've had a chance to see Mike in action. He has transformed our thinking and ability to perform as leaders and as a team. Many books focus on leadership principles--this book is unique in that it focuses on building, developing, and scaling a great leadership team. This is the most important job for any business leader."

Mike Goldman

Mike Goldman is a nationally recognized speaker, author, coach, and expert on building breakthrough leadership teams. Mike has nearly thirty years of experience coaching and consulting, the first half of which he spent at Accenture and Deloitte working with Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Verizon, and Chanel. He founded Performance Breakthrough in 2007 and now works to develop leadership teams in mid-sized companies, giving him firsthand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t across various industries. His first book, Performance Breakthrough: The Four Secrets of Passionate Organizations, has helped business leaders create caring, productive, and profitable organizations. Mike lives in New Jersey with his wife and has two children.

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