Dave Millier

When the FBI calls you at 5am, it’s never good news.

As Chief Information Officer at Orion, a fast-growing chain of gastro-pubs, Tim Smith was about to find out that he had a serious problem: 30,000 of his customers had just had their credit card data stolen from Orion’s mobile app, known as Millenial.

As Tim and his team investigate their data leak, they realize their many mistakes–from the development process, to their update schedules, to their auditing process–and begin to learn not only how to fix the problem, but what to do to prevent data leaks in the future.

Breached! is the story of how companies can get it wrong, and what they can do to make it right.

Dave Millier

Dave Millier is a Serial Entrepreneur, Off-road Motorcycle Rider & Food Lover. Dave has been involved in cybersecurity for almost 20 years. He founded and built an InfoSec company, Sentry Metrics, building one of Canada’s most successful MSSPs, selling the company in 2014. After the sale, Dave’s lifelong passion for reading led him to finally sit down and write his first book, Breached!

In late 2014, Dave launched Uzado (, a Cloud-based InfoSec company focused on helping companies simplify Cybersecurity by answering the questions “what now?” or “what next?”. Dave is also the CSO of Quick Intelligence ( , a boutique VAR and cybersecurity consulting company, and is the CEO of MIDAC Solutions (, a Managed IT services provider focused on small to mid-size clients. Dave recently launched Canada Rides (, an off-road motorcycle training company headquartered in beautiful Simcoe County, providing off-road motorcycle and ATV safety training. Dave lives in Ontario with his wife Maria and their two cats.

In his spare time, Dave volunteers with the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders ( and is the Chairperson for the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (

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