Garry Creath & Chris Scott

As a professional REALTOR®, it’s easy to forget that you’re not just selling real estate, you’re running a business. Chances are, the training you’ve received has been focused on regulations and legal issues, but did nothing to increase your sales, marketing, and financial savvy. This book will change all that.

It’s time to start thinking like an entrepreneur. In Blueprint, Garry Creath and Chris Scott show you how to develop a solid business plan, set long- and short-term goals, research a potential market, structure and track your finances, and much more. They go deeper than any prior education you’ve received or conference you’ve attended. And they’ll help you build a profitable, bountiful real estate business from the ground up, whether you’re a brand new REALTOR® or a seasoned pro.

You already have the required people skills. Now here’s the blueprint for everything else you need to succeed.

Garry Creath & Chris Scott

Garry Creath is the cofounder of The Paperless Agent, a real estate listing expert agent, a real estate tech startup advisor, and has been featured in a business case study by Apple Computers. He has more than twenty years of real estate sales experience with an emphasis on the narratives and processes for turning prospective customers into returning clients.

Chris Scott is a digital and real estate marketing expert at The Paperless Agent, an e-learning company that shows real estate practitioners how to improve their performance with technology and online marketing. Chris hosts weekly webcasts to an audience of 4,000 real estate professionals every month, manages social media accounts with over 200,000 followers, runs a team that generates over 5,000 leads per month, and manages marketing for his and Garry’s real estate firm in Austin, Texas.

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