Carrington Smith

Are you a little too comfortable with self-loathing? Tired of feeling like you are not enough? This book is for you.

Carrington Smith spent a lifetime trying to be someone else—to fit in, to be loved, to keep the peace, and to make others happy. Until finally, Carrington discovered that her own path to happiness wasn’t based on fitting in but on standing out—celebrating her uniqueness and owning her past.

Candid and raw, Blooming takes you on a treasure hunt to discover the gifts in the shit. Shit is quite literally fertilizer. It is in the messes, failures, trauma, and difficulties of life that we discover what we need to bloom into our greatness.

From trauma to triumph, through the depths of sexual assault, religious mind-fuckery, family rejection, body dysmorphia, mid-life metamorphosis, physical scarring, and death into happiness, forgiveness, empathy, purpose, belonging, and joy, Blooming is a poignant, powerful account of finding your way through the shit.

Press & Praise

David Meltzer, Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, bestselling author, and top business coach

Blooming is the perfect book for anyone looking to get better at finding the light, love, and lessons in the most challenging moments of life.

Deb Gabor, Brand Strategist and two-time bestselling author

Blooming grabs you from the first page and never lets you go. It annihilates the traditional limitations of what a memoir can be. Bold, candid, and raw, Blooming will have you laughing and crying all at once. In her sparkling debut, Carrington will touch your soul, shift your mindset, celebrate your shit, and establish herself as a narrator for our time.

Carrington Smith is a single mom, attorney, business owner, and executive search professional. Despite being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, life gave her a hard kick in the tail. She has survived sexual assault, two divorces, piles of debt, abuse, religious mind games, the death of loved ones, and the loss of close friends.

In her debut memoir, Carrington combines wit and wisdom to share her journey through the shit, with a positive attitude and a shift of mindset, into a life bursting with joy, opportunity, and purpose. A graduate of UT Austin and Tulane Law School, Carrington resides in Austin, Texas, with her two teenage boys.

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