Beyond the Military

Jason Roncoroni & Shauna Springer

After years of dedicated service, leaving might be the hardest mission for any military leader. If you’re standing at the threshold of transition, fear and uncertainty are unspoken obstacles that can erode your confidence and excitement for what comes next. If you’ve already transitioned, you might still be struggling to find your place in society. No matter what you’re feeling or where you are in this process, Jason Roncoroni and Dr. Shauna Springer want to partner with you on the journey for what happens next.

Jason, an executive coach, and Doc Springer, a licensed psychologist, have combined their expertise and decades of experience to create the most comprehensive guide available for military leaders seeking happiness and fulfillment in life after the military.

Beyond the Military applies the military decision-making process to help you confidently navigate transition. This handbook introduces an Integrative Program of Transition to address the critical aspects of transition that nobody else is talking about: optimizing whole health and wellness, social reintegration, cultural assimilation, economic stability, long-term professional development, and close relationship and family adjustment. With Jason as your coach and Doc Springer as your relationship consultant, you’ll walk through over 30 exercises designed to help you unleash your full potential outside the uniform.

Press & Praise

Mike Ergo, director, North Bay Vet Center, USMC Iraq War combat veteran

"More than any other civilian, Shauna "gets it," and those she works with see both her willingness to listen and her competency to help them make meaningful changes in their lives. Because she listens, she has been able to see what many clinicians have missed when working with veterans. In essence, her continued work and writing will fundamentally change the way we work with veterans."

1st Sergeant Keola Lee, USMC (active duty)

"In over 19 years as an infantry Marine, I have never met someone like Shauna "Doc" Springer. She was able to empathize with me, become a part of the pack, and translate my inner thoughts into constructive interactions. I think of her as one of the corpsmen embedded into my platoon."

David Bachmann (combat USMC veteran)

"Doc Springer is one of us...she understands a warrior's worth beyond war. She realizes our value in society and can articulate that value to the rest of the world and to us. This shows us that we have purpose. She is a key member of my tribe and I know she's always got our six!"

Jason Roncoroni

Jason Roncoroni is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and former aviation battalion commander from the United States Army. He served 33 months in combat and has the unique distinction of having transitioned from the military twice. He departed as a junior captain only to return to the military after 9/11, and he most recently retired after 21 years of active duty service. He advises military leaders, policy makers, and government officials on military transition and civilian reintegration. The founder of Ordinary Hero Coaching, Inc., Jason helps prepare transitioning leaders for meaningful opportunities after military service.

Dr. Shauna Springer

Dr. Shauna Springer is a licensed psychologist and nationally recognized expert on initiatives that benefit the military community. Known as “Doc Springer,” she is a trusted advisor for a vast network of veterans, military families, and fellow thought leaders. Her uniquely perceptive insights have helped thousands of veterans and their partners thrive after military service and she has personally helped hundreds of warriors reconnect with their tribe, strengthen their relationships, and build lives driven by their values. Dr. Springer’s work has been featured on NPR, NBC, CBS Radio, Military Times and Marine Corps Times.

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