Better Than the Binge

Adam S. Lamb

Eliminating alcohol from your life is a surefire way to up your game, personally and professionally. But in today’s world, drinking is a frequent social obligation, and the pressure to “have a drink” can be tremendous. Adam Lamb said, “I’m all set,” to booze and he is happier, healthier, and a more successful version of himself without it. In Better Than the Binge, he offers powerful arguments for quitting, as well as tips on how to do it without becoming a social outcast.

This book isn’t aimed at serious alcoholics but at the everyday Joe or Jill who feels compelled by their peers to drink at parties, sporting events, and after-work gatherings. Adam provides information, motivation, and proven strategies for kicking the casual alcohol habit—from ways to navigate your social situations to different habits you can adopt to ease the stress of quitting.

Better Than the Binge is your map to a richer life, because not drinking is the new cool.

Press & Praise

Josh Linkner, 5-time Tech entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, Venture Capitalist

"Adam has always been a creative individual for as long as I have known him. Through that creativity and self-awareness he challenged himself to remove alcohol from his life to increase the edge towards success. He has definitely done that and the methods in his new book Better Than The Binge might be able to help you get that extra edge as well!"

Erik Davis, Chief Maverick Officer,

"Think you're ready to stop drinking? Nervous about taking the leap. Adam Lamb has been there, and in this book shares the massive impact it had on his life and will have on your life! This book is your go-to guide to taking it to the next level. Adam is a valued friend with tremendous productivity in various endeavors. Here he has found a way to give back from his own experience. Adam is sharing with you so you can take your life to the next level!"

Gunter Schlierkamp, Mr. Universe, Pro World Champion, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

"I know Adam for many years and his drive for success and excellence is relentless. He is always looking for the next life improvement and having more success to get to the next edge physically, mentally and emotionally. I believe that his book Better Than the Binge can help you to make life improvement and take you towards success.

Adam S. Lamb

Adam Lamb is cofounder and CEO of SizeSlim Supplements, a sports nutrition company, and cofounder of an elite men’s health clinic focused on lifestyle optimization. A health enthusiast, entrepreneur, and devoted family man, Adam took the same drive that enabled him to become a competitive bodybuilder and to successfully run two companies and then channeled it into his commitment to quit drinking on his quest to a “next level” lifestyle.

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