Better Than Destiny

Frederic Bahnson

We are our choices.

—Jean-Paul Sartre

Some people hope destiny will create a great future for them, but you have something more powerful than destiny: you have the power of choice.

If our future is defined by the decisions we make, how do we make the right decisions? The “right” decisions vary from person to person, so how can you decide what is right for yourself and build the future you want?

In Better than Destiny, decision-making expert Dr. Frederic Bahnson takes the guesswork out of making good decisions and helps you set and achieve the goals that truly matter to you. His framework, backed by science, shows you how to create purpose, find joy, and build sustainable success. Life is too short to waste time on the wrong path. Filled with best practices, extensive research, and insightful experiences, this book is your guide to learning what matters most to you so that the life you build is the life you really want.

Dr. Frederic Bahnson is a personal and executive coach who works with individuals and teams to create happiness, improve performance, and foster well-being in their personal and professional lives. He has devoted two decades to the art and science of decision-making, delivering practical strategies that streamline this important human process. In addition to coaching, Frederic is a practicing general surgeon and served as Chief Medical Officer for Macro-Eyes, an AI company focused on global public health. He previously studied physics, worked as a systems engineer, and has won several awards for teaching and mentoring. Frederic and his wife, children, and dogs live in Oregon, where they enjoy endless explorations, hobbies, and outdoor pursuits. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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