Better Great Than Never

Lindsay Dare Shoop

Think of any sport, and Lindsay Shoop played it growing up. She was a driven athlete, good student, and happy teenager. But when she went to college, everything changed. She quit basketball, gained weight, and skipped classes. Her drive was gone.

After a sleepless night and a fateful turn of events, Lindsay made the decision to become her best self. She discovered rowing, and the sport became her outlet for transformation. In just one year she became an NCAA Division-I All-American; in four, she broke a world record and won her first World Championship. Within six years, Lindsay won Olympic gold.

In Better Great Than Never, Lindsay shows you how to seize your full potential by removing self-imposed limitations. She demonstrates how to embrace every step, good and bad, to find greatness. For Lindsay, life isn’t about winning. As long as you learn throughout your journey, you can never lose.

Press & Praise

Dottie Donnelly Brienza, chief human resources officer

"A truly inspiring, humbling story of realizing greatness. This is one story you won't be able to put down. And when you do, you'll have been given a timeless gift of remembering the importance of dedication, focus, teamwork, coaching, and the unstoppable spirit inside all of us."

Kate Johnson, Athens 2004 Olympic silver medalist

"This is a story about the journey, not the destination. Lindsay puts to words what so many elite performers wrestle with, in their own way. Reminding the reader of the truth that binds us all. Beautifully narrated, I savored every moment of this talented human's story. "

Dr. Mickey Witte, neuroscientist, university lecturer, two-time Ironman triathlete

"An absolute must-read for any athlete who aspires to greatness and wants to gain that mental edge in competition."

Lindsay Shoop is a coach, author, speaker, and lifelong athlete. She is an Olympic gold medalist, a three-time World Champion, and a National Rowing Hall of Fame inductee.

With a focus on performance optimization and longevity throughout sport and life, Lindsay hosts clinics for coaches, athletes, and teams of all ages and skill levels. She is a commentator for USRowing and a speaker for events at major universities and corporations.

Lindsay lives in Florida, where she daily seeks to mentor, inspire, and improve the lives of others by sharing her journey of self-discovery from ultimate defeat, to Olympic gold.

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