Beat The Bots

Anita Nielsen

As a salesperson, you need confidence and passion to win. But as buyers and robots continue to gain power, it’s easy to feel beaten down in a world where customers no longer seem to need you. As deals fall through and commissions dwindle, you feel desperation begin to sink in. Blow after blow, you wonder:

Am I going to lose the career I love—to a robot?

Anita Nielsen shows you how to get up off the mat and come out swinging. You don’t need another impractical system or framework that can easily be copied by any other sales professional. Everything you need to regain your confidence and win in this new sales landscape is already in you, waiting to be unlocked. Anita gives you the keys: a series of trench tales, high-impact questions, and a thought process that shows you how to use the power of personalized value to differentiate yourself and win better, bigger, and more. Beat the Bots helps you ensure customers won’t want to buy from anyone, or anything, else—not even a bot.

Anita Nielsen

Anita Nielsen is a sales performance consultant with over twenty years of experience in B2B sales and support. As an advocate for salespeople, she is dedicated to coaching and equipping these professionals for success. For her efforts, she was named one of the Top Sales Enablement Consultants of 2018 by Selling Power magazine. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in business administration from the New York Institute of Technology, Anita is uniquely positioned to help salespeople adapt and thrive. Anita lives in Chicagoland with her husband and two teenaged children. Currently, she is trying to survive her children’s adolescent years without going completely grey or succumbing to overwhelming tiger mom urges.

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