Be Ready to Dance With Your Customer!

Shari Moss

Today’s market is competitive, bursting with young entrepreneurs championing revolutionary ideas. In such a crowded arena, a focus on business fundamentals can be the make-or-break factor in the success of a company–especially when it comes to mastering the art of customer service.

Shari Moss knows firsthand the importance of customer service, having spent her career perfecting the art of putting the client first. In Be Ready to Dance with Your Customer, Shari shares her wealth of knowledge on the subject, teaching millennials the old-fashioned rules of making a deal in a way that makes sense in the modern business world.

This essential handbook for navigating customer interactions is filled with real-world examples of mistakes and how to avoid them; inspiring anecdotes of customer service done well; and practical exercises and activities to learn the keys to honing communication skills, identifying customer needs, and creating and maintaining profitable long-term business relationships.

The modern business world is evolving, but that doesn’t mean old-fashioned techniques should disappear. With the right tools, anyone can be a customer service expert–and this book is the first step on the path to doing so.

Press & Praise

Lise Andreana, author No More Mac and Cheese

"Shari's pragmatism, passion and grit were the first tell-tale signs of future success. If she appeared to be playing the "Supporting Role," the truth was she was leading from behind."

Kelly Gleeson, CIBC Wood Gundy

"Shari broke through the glass ceiling long before that term was popular. She knew she needed to work harder and smarter in business to succeed. Shari has the unique ability to turn what seems like an insurmountable obstacle into an opportunity and does so with style, grace, and a wonderful sense of humour."

Patricia R. Nelson, Nelson Law

"Shari's work allows her staff and clients alike to experience exuberance, revel in her uncanny wit, and share in her insightful perspective on all aspects of customer service."

Shari Moss

Shari Moss is an author, entrepreneur, executive film producer, and adventurous warrior. Her current focus is conducting workshops and creating inspirational information to help millennials achieve their maximum potential. Shari and her two children currently divide their time between Toronto, Canada, and Austin, Texas.

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