Darius Maggi

Many people want to help make the world a better place, but don’t know where to start. Often times, all it takes is an inspirational example.

The grandson of an Italian immigrant and blue-collar father, Dr. Darius Maggi was inspired by his familial mentors to put others first.

Beginning his medical career as a small-town Oklahoma physician, Dr. Maggi built a huge practice in North Central Texas, then moved on to making the world a better place through healing the poorest of the poor.

Spending most of his time and effort in Sierra Leone, Dr. Maggi has focused his energy on eradicating Obstetrical fistula—a severely debilitating consequence of extended labor that no longer exists in countries where women have reliable access to safe, modern healthcare.

Dr. Maggi’s experience serves to remind us that a life of real meaning, purpose, and gratification can only come from unselfish giving.

All profits from the sale of this book go to the support of the West Africa Fistula Foundation.

Press & Praise

Tim Brumit, MD, FAAP

"Darius Maggi, MD deftly wields a sharp scalpel to accomplish his surgical cures in Sierra Leone, West Africa yet his homespun wisdom and captivating experiences may initiate the more complex cure for today's doubters and despondent people. So if you are seeking a sermon, don't bother. But if an inspirational message is on your menu, then pull up a chair and read awhile. Basta!"

Kathy Williams, RNC, Labor and Delivery

"Compassionate, kind, respectful, giving, personable, motivational, workaholic, and humorous, the list could go on forever; however, these are just a few of many words I think of to describe Dr. Maggi. I had the privilege of working with him approximately 20 years and remember so clearly the day he said, "Basta, Basta"! I was overcome with sadness and grief, almost as if there had been a death in the family. I knew I would never again work with a person such as him. His true love and respect for humankind was like no other. His actions spoke louder than words and he lived by the principle of treating others like you want to be treated. His presence would simply light up the room and paired with his humor, he would put a smile on everyone's face. In fact, I smile now as I reminisce on his uniqueness. I feel honored to have known and worked with Dr. Maggi - he was one of a kind."

Kathy Crowley, RNC, Labor and Delivery

"The author of this book writes about the values and ethics he learned as a child and how these two were incorporated into his daily life with virtually everyone he met. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Maggi for approximately 22 years, and witnessed daily his love and genuine concern for his patients. His work ethic was like no other, he would stay after office hours to see sick patients, even those who had no means to pay, or those who would barter for care, with either a package of fish or fresh vegetables. His patients always seemed better after seeing him, sometimes, just by his humor alone. I'll never forget the day he came in and announced, "Basta! Basta!" I was shocked, but also felt fortunate to have had his daily encouragement throughout the years. In fact, that is why I chose to become a RegisteredNurse. After attaining my RN degree, I worked alongside him, in the hospital setting, helping to bring thousands of babies into this world. All of his patients absolutely loved him. To this day, I still hear praise from his prior patients, as they await the birth of their grandchildren. I have remained personable and focused on patient care, but with technology continually taking over the medical field, it is getting more and more difficult to do. I am still saddened by Dr. Maggi saying "BASTA! BASTA!" but completely understand. Dr. Maggi continues to show his love for human life by helping women in Africa. These women are truly blessed to be in his God gifted hands."

Darius Maggi

After a successful 22-year career as an OB/GYN, Dr. Darius Maggi founded the West Africa Fistula Foundation in 2004. He currently spends much of his time and mission with a focus on Sierra Leone, where he brings help to women who don’t otherwise have access to safe, modern healthcare. Dr. Maggi credits his Italian immigrant grandfather and his blue-collar father as the source of his selfless dedication in the service of others. 100% of the proceeds of Basta! go toward support of the Foundation’s goal to establish proper treatment and care for this devastating condition.

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