Back in the Game

Kelly Green

When your marriage fails, you have a choice. You can curl up on the couch with a tub of ice cream and wallow in self-pity…or you can pick yourself up and search for a better life with a better man.

Kelly Green was faced with this choice.

She was the quintessential American wife and working mother of four small children. She had it all and did it all; her hobbies were interior decorating, Pilates, school fundraisers, and book clubs—basically, all the stuff women think they’re “supposed” to do.

Then her “perfect” world was rocked by betrayal and divorce…and Kelly threw out her ice cream, put on a sexy dress, and spent a year re-discovering what it was really like to live.

She partied with and dated Hollywood’s A-list, powerful Wall Street traders, elite art collectors, Argentinian polo players and chart-topping indie rock stars. Her road to recovering her self-esteem was paved with late nights, wild flings and rare company.

Through it all, Kelly questioned everything she thought she knew about marriage, love and settling for the quiet routines of suburban motherhood.

Told with unflinching honesty, her debut memoir is the bare-all story of a headstrong woman in search of a better inner life—with or without a better man.

Press & Praise

"Kelly Green's sincerity is astounding and that's the main reason why I liked this book so much. She had the courage to write what a lot of us think and, most important, she had the courage to dowhat a lot of us barely consider possible: regain happiness after a failure.:

"Mother of four, divorced, single at 42 Kelly made the decision to learn from the pain and disappointment of the divorce just being open and adventurous, giving herself a chance to think and live out of the box.
She jumps on a funny and glamorous journey to dating dangerously that will take her to self discovery, back to basics to the roots of her happiness. She will gain back her voice as a powerful and resilient woman, she will learn about freedom, love, beauty and she will start living without fear."

"This book will surprise you, beside fancy details and posh anecdotes it is full of intelligent considerations about love, life and self respect. A book every woman should read."

Kelly Green

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