Automated Stock Trading Systems

Laurens Bensdorp

Consistent, benchmark-beating growth, combined with reduced risk, are the Holy Grail of traders everywhere. Laurens Bensdorp has been achieving both for more than a decade. By combining multiple quantitative trading systems that perform well in different types of markets—bull, bear, or sideways—his overall systematized and automated system delivers superlative results regardless of overall market behavior.

In his second book, Automated Stock Trading Systems, Bensdorp details a non-correlated, multi-system approach you can understand and build to suit yourself. Using historical price action to develop statistical edges, his combined, automated systems have been shown to deliver simulated consistent high double-digit returns with very low draw downs for the last 24 years, no matter what the market indices have done. By following his approach, traders can achieve reliable, superlative returns without excessive risk.

Laurens Bensdorp

Laurens Bensdorp is an expert at combining multiple non-correlating trading strategies to achieve a high risk-adjusted return regardless of what the market does. He shares that knowledge with a group of brilliant and dedicated students in the exclusive Elite Mentoring Program that’s part of his Trading Mastery School, of which he is the founder and CEO. What Laurens has found is that teaching has helped him exponentially grow his skills as a trader. Author of the bestselling book The 30-Minute Stock Trader, Laurens has lived in eleven different countries and travels the world as he pleases. He currently resides in Spain with his beloved wife and children.

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