Asymmetric Advantage

Jason Van der Schyff

Focus. Consistency. Imperfection.

The list of attributes needed for the leader of a startup to succeed is shorter than you may think. A clear focus will help you stay on track, and consistency—in mindset and follow-through—is crucial. But it’s the ability to forgo perfection when needed that separates the prosperous leaders from their peers. The courage to take a risk when the potential pay-off is right, no matter what others in your shoes would do, is how your company grows by leaps and bounds.

If you want to lead the pack, you have to understand what makes you unique. In Asymmetric Advantage, business transformation expert Jason Van der Schyff reveals the mindset you need to make an impact as a startup leader. He shares the strategies that have helped him hit goals and get the job done right, no matter the industry he was in or the title he held. Learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable from someone who stood where you’re standing. With straightforward advice and examples from Jason’s own experiences, this book is the ultimate resource for leaders who want to change their perspective and transform their business.

Jason Van der Schyff is the COO of SoftIron, a venture-backed company that creates exceptional appliances for scale-out data centers. With experience that includes R&D engineering, as well as sales and marketing, Jason specializes in helping technology startups navigate their early stages and leverage their unique advantages. Jason started his own ad agency at nineteen and later became an oil field diver, transitioning to the business side of the industry after realizing his potential impact in equipment manufacturing and technology. He and his wife live in Los Angeles, California.

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