America’s Higher Education Goes Global

Christine Schiwietz

“Dr. Christine Schiwietz’ groundbreaking book on what I believe to be the most important development in American higher education in the twenty-first century could not have come at a more opportune time.”

—Patrick Theros, U.S. Ambassador

American universities are the most prestigious and sought-after bastions of higher learning in the world. Now, even students outside the United States can reap the benefits of an education from big-name universities like Georgetown University—and the global branch campus is making it possible.

In America’s Higher Education Goes GlobalDr. Christine Schiwietz provides an inside look at the Georgetown University branch campus in Education City, Qatar. You’ll learn about internationalization in academia, how Georgetown University started their global branch campus, advantages for international and American students, and first-hand insight on global experiential learning and the multiversity experience. With fascinating facts, student testimonials, and valuable resources, this is a unique look at the movement bringing the world together through higher education.

Press & Praise

Roland McKay, Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State

Christine Schiwietz has written the definitive account of Georgetown's experience in Qatar, painting a personal portrait of the challenges and joys that come with replicating the American college experience thousands of miles offshore. This is an indispensable resource for parents, students, public diplomacy professionals, and higher education administrators ready to take the global leap.

Heather Kerst, Senior International Relations Officer (Americas) at Imperial College London, UK

Dr. Schiwietz has captured in writing the excitement I felt working at Georgetown's campus in Qatar for seven years. This book presents examples of well-executed and timely transnational education lessons for the benefit of students, higher education professionals, and the wider audience interested in higher education.

Elizabeth H. Andretta, PhD, Associate Dean Emeritus at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

This book offers an insightful introduction to the global campus, an understudied aspect of higher education. For those unfamiliar with trends in globalizing university campuses, Dr. Schiwietz's book provides both a clear account of the ever-changing paradigms involved and intriguing suggestions for future growth.

Dr. Christine Schiwietz is an assistant dean at Georgetown University’s branch campus in Qatar. An expert in sociology, global development, and international higher education, Christine has spoken at the UN Women’s Guild and has been quoted on NPR and in outlets like the New York Times, Harvard Political Review, and the Gulf Times. She is a member of the board of governors for Qatar’s American Chamber of Commerce, the chair of the Georgetown Women’s Alliance in Qatar, and the former president of the District of Columbia Sociological Society.

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