Ambassador of Hope

Andre Norman

Andre Norman’s early life put him on a path to prison. Raised in poverty and surrounded by dysfunction, Andre gravitated to his neighborhood gang. His choices there led to time in juvenile detention, and eventually a maximum-security prison, with sentences totaling over 100 years. During that time, Andre became one of the most dangerous gang leaders in the Massachusetts prison system.

Then came the epiphany. Just before Andre was to be crowned “King of the Prison,” he had a realization–that he was about to become the “King of Nowhere.” He decided that there had to be a way out. He chose to seek success through education, setting his sights on what others said was impossible–attending Harvard University.

Now, as the Ambassador of Hope, Andre leverages his unique experiences to deliver a message of inclusivity and positive change. Whether you work in the boardroom or the mail room, if you need that “second voice” of inspiration to be the change you seek, Andre will help you discover and achieve your purpose in life.

Press & Praise

Rabbi Natan Schafer, prison chaplain

"Andre went from the lowest to the highest, and he knows how to guide others on this journey. He went from using power to control and corrupt to using power to strengthen and raise up. He discovered his high soul while living in the lowest places. Andre learned that since he had the power to do bad, it also meant that he had the power to do good."

Rusty Keeley, CEO of Keeley Companies

"Andre is one of the most inspirational leaders I've had the pleasure of meeting. His story is a true testimony to the resilience, strength, and perseverance we are capable of as humans. This book is the supportive voice we need to know that we too are capable of changing our own lives for the better."

Dr. Jules Goddard, fellow, London Business School

"On practical issues of personal redemption, Andre Norman speaks more sense from a greater depth of experience than anyone else."

Andre Norman

After fourteen years as one of the most feared men in the Massachusetts prison system, Andre Norman discovered his purpose, appealed his sentence, was granted parole, and returned to the world a changed man. As the Ambassador of Hope, Andre’s work was instrumental in bringing an end to the protests in Ferguson, Missouri—work that earned him a fellowship at Harvard University. In addition, Andre utilizes his unique understanding of everyone from corporate executives to prison inmates to help them find their purpose and turn their lives around. He is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and serves as a consultant for executive groups, prison systems, and nonprofit organizations.

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