AI Is My Friend

Mikhail Naumov

As a customer service professional, your goal is to help your customers by solving their concerns quickly and effectively. This isn’t easy to accomplish if you’re spending half of your day on repetitive processes that slow down progress. Recent advances in technology make it possible–here and now–to manage those tasks, and Mikhail Naumov will show you how to transform your contact center and your business with practical artificial intelligence.

AI Is My Friend describes how machine learning software enhances your contact center’s performance by classifying, prioritizing, and automating service inquiries, emails, and messages, while providing agents with the most pertinent information to immediately assist customers with solutions.

In this guide “from the trenches,” Mikhail reveals what you must know about incorporating AI solutions in a contact center, making this book an indispensable customer service handbook for the twenty-first century.

Mikhail Naumov

Mikhail Naumov is the cofounder, president, and CSO of DigitalGenius, the leading platform for human + AI customer service. Their product blends the best of human and machine intelligence to create a more efficient and less costly customer service operation. Mikhail and his team have spent the last three years living inside contact centers, listening to customer service agents and managers and studying their day-to-day jobs. Armed with this information, they have brought machine learning to life inside the world’s most innovative contact centers–helping companies optimize, differentiate, and effectively serve their customers.

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