A Small If

Elijah Stacy

How hard would you fight if you only had a sliver of hope?

Elijah Stacy suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a fatal muscle wasting disease. At the age of sixteen, to avoid agonizing surgery, he had to endure enough physical therapy to change the shape of his own spine. It had never been done before, but still, his doctor gave him a small “if.”

In A Small If, Elijah shares thirteen lessons he’s learned throughout his life’s journey of losing his ability to walk, getting bullied in school, losing his brother Max to Duchenne, and learning that his other brother has the same disease.

Elijah explains how to overcome extreme suffering by developing an adapter’s mindset, understanding what it means to control something rather than influencing it, and using other people’s negative energy as the ultimate motivation.

Today, Elijah’s mission to minimize human suffering and propel human prosperity is fueling his ambition to cure his disease. He’s been told he has less than ten years to live, but he’s faced long odds before.

Sometimes, all you need is A Small If.

Press & Praise

Jeff Bezos, Founder and Executive Chairman of Amazon

Elijah's optimistic nature is one of his stand out characteristics, and it's inspiring.

Charlie Kirk, Founder and President of Turning Point USA

I really think you'll be inspired by him. He's a great American, a believer, and someone I think we can all learn from.

Angel Mejico, EdD, illustrator, 2020 Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist, and 2019 California Teacher of the Year

A Small If is a brilliant narrative that resonates like a spark in the darkness! Elijah's thirteen lessons illuminate hope, prioritize family, and immerse you in a courageous battle to win the day! One of the most inspiring, captivating, and remarkable people you will encounter. This book is a blueprint to transcend one's life and take A Small If and create a big possibility! It will change your life!

Elijah Stacy is the founder of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Destroy Duchenne, which he started at the age of fifteen. He is determined to advance gene editing and gene therapy to save his life, his brother’s life, and the lives of thousands of people around the globe who have been diagnosed with Duchenne.

He regularly accepts public speaking engagements and interviews, sharing his story with organizations, companies, and students worldwide. Get in touch with Elijah at elijahjstacy.com.

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