A Renegade’s Rules

Oliver Seidler

There’s a big world out there–do you want to make your mark on it? Are you hungry for more money, success, confidence, or security? To get to that next level, you’ve got to make it happen. Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to move your life and career forward, so long as you have proper expectations and the mindset for success.

Oliver Seidler had to learn these lessons the hard way. He started his own real estate company right before the recession, fought like crazy to keep it alive during the lean years, then saw rapid growth and expansion in the years that followed.

A Renegade’s Rules recounts Oliver’s journey from waiting tables to heading up a company that pioneered the wholesale real estate industry. You’ll learn how to respond when things don’t go according to plan, how to deal with people who screw you over, and what to do about the fear that’s determined to hold you back. What you’ll discover is a life filled with more: options, excitement, challenge, fulfillment, and purpose.

Oliver Seidler is the co-founder and CEO of PropertyForce, an industry-leading real estate investment company focused on culture and employee success. After quickly becoming a top producer in real estate, Oliver started his own company in 2006. He weathered the recession and extended PropertyForce’s reach outside of Florida in 2017, with future expansion plans in the works. Aside from work, Seidler mentors young businesspeople, invests in startups, and works with Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He has a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from The Birthing of Giants program at MIT and is a member of EO and YPO.

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