A Guide to Positive Disruption

Joanna Martinez

Business change is often out of our control and can be very unsettling. But turmoil also creates opportunity.

In A Guide to Positive Disruption, Joanna Martinez gives you the tips, tricks, and tools to become an effective agent of constructive change. She demonstrates how to roll with the punches of negative upheavals and gives you the knowledge you need to become a positive disruptor. In this book you’ll learn how to

  • Develop personal plans to help you weather the inevitable business turmoil
  • Find new ideas that will benefit your company
  • Sell your ideas within your firm by mastering basic negotiation techniques
  • Stand apart so you’re ready for the next challenge

No one is immune to disruption. But, with the right process, you can take lessons from the churn and turn it into something positive for yourself and your team.

Joanna Martinez

In a career spanning four decades, corporate executive Joanna Martinez led transformation initiatives of various types within pharmaceutical, beverage, consumer products, financial services, facilities management, and real estate industries. Today, as founder of Supply Chain Advisors LLC, her clients range from start-ups and professional organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

Joanna is a noted speaker and thought leader on global procurement and supply chain topics and works as a consultant, advisor, and coach. Twice designated a “Pro to Know,” she was named a Distinguished Alumna by Rutgers College of Engineering, where she sits on the school’s Industry Advisory Board. Joanna has been recognized by multiple organizations for innovation or customer excellence.

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