99% True

Paul McGowan

Paul McGowan tells all (and then some) in this riotous tale of misbegotten success that’s 99% True in all the best ways. From his not-so-innocent youth growing up in the shadow of Disneyland and summer evenings in the innocent 1950s, to his dope-smoking, snake-eating, draft-dodging, loony-bin misadventure through Europe, to his struggles to build a thriving enterprise from a stack of dusty albums—see how the CEO of a worldwide company took fifty years to become an overnight success.

Unlike Paul, you may never get picked up by the Secret Service or carry the shame of bankruptcy, but you just might see yourself in his repeated failures or in his refusal to let life keep him down. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry as Paul describes the struggle of finding his place in a community you never knew existed. Through it all, you’ll discover what Paul did: life’s detours offer the best opportunities to find your way.

Press & Praise

Seth Godin, Author of This Is Marketing

"Paul McGowan is the real deal, 100% inspired, inspiring and a genuine mensch. This book will make you laugh and push you to do something remarkable. Go make a ruckus."

Paul McGowan

Paul McGowan’s father swore he’d end up in prison, while his mother prayed he’d make it past puberty. He surprised them both and became a committed entrepreneur, audio engineer, YouTuber, almost bestselling author, and the founder and CEO of a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, PS Audio. Best known by his thousands of viewers and customers as the go-to guy for home audio, his frank and unfiltered advice on all things music have made him a fixture of the audiophile community. He’s been tossed in jail and thrown out of Europe, but through it all, Paul has never lost his smile.

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