25 Hours a Day

Nick Bare

You have big dreams that fire you up, and yet a fear of failure is holding you back. You see the success others have achieved and doubt you could ever do what they’ve done. You tell yourself you lack the smarts, skills, or leadership capabilities to live out your dream, but the truth is, there’s a massive gap between what you think you can do and what you’re actually capable of doing. Nick Bare wants to help you close that gap.

In Twenty-Five Hours A Day, Nick shares the lessons he learned while building his business as a member of the US Army. He grew that business to seven figures by flipping the switch and going all in—then breaking that switch so he could never go back. Now, Nick wants to help you transform your life by embracing the suck, living like you’ve got an extra hour, and harnessing the power of “one more.” By applying these simple lessons, you’ll radically improve your chances of success.

Nick Bare

Nick Bare is the founder and president of Bare Performance Nutrition, a seven-figure supplement company with a focus on high-quality products. Nick has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, served four years active duty as an infantry officer in the United States Army, and completed US Army Ranger school. He completed a 150-mile ruck march to not only raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims, but also test his mental and physical strength. Nick, who lives in Austin, Texas, has built a community of hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

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