When You Require The Best.

Who We Are

Lioncrest is the elite publishing division of Scribe Media. Headed by Tucker Max (4x #1 New York Times Best Selling Author) and Mark Chait (former Executive Editor @ HarperCollins). Lioncrest Publishing Agency is designed to help you effectively navigate the complicated and difficult world of professional book publishing, to ensure you get the best book possible.

What We've Done

The combined publishing team at Lioncrest Book Agency has worked on books that have achieved:


#1 New York Times
Bestselling Books


New York Times, Wall Street Journal or USA Today Bestsellers


Traditionally published


Independently published


Million books


National Book

What We Can Do

Co-Writer + Professional Publishing Package

We team you with a professional co-writer who becomes your creative partner. Your co-writer will spend a significant amount of time with you, fully explore and develop your ideas, and even do research and make connections to help you find the best possible book inside of you.

This process works exceptionally well with complicated memoirs, “big idea” books, and for those books that just need more time.

We deliver:

  • Book idea exploration, development and positioning
  • Full structure and outline development
  • Extensive interviews (in-person, if necessary)
  • Full “Scribe Method” manuscript service
  • Necessary research & fact checking
  • High-level, professional content editing
  • Full Publishing & Distribution
  • Full Marketing & Book Launch

Cost: Custom Quote. Depending on who your co-writer is, price ranges from $50k to $250k+. If interested, please contact us and we’ll discuss with you.

What We Can Do

Traditional Publishing Concierge

If you want a traditional publishing deal (e.g., HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, etc), but don’t know where to start, this is the solution.

We’ll help you refine your book idea and ensure it’s attractive to a publisher. We’ll create a book proposal, set up calls with several book agents, and you will pick the one you’d like to work with.

Once your agent is set, you will take meetings with traditional publishers in NYC and pitch your book. If you are offered a publishing deal (never a guarantee), then you’ll pick the publisher you’d like to work with.

From there we’ll help you finish your manuscript (using our Scribe Method), and deliver to your publisher when you’re happy with it.

We deliver:

  • Full Book Idea Development and Outline
  • Full Book Proposal
  • Introductions to top-tier Book Agents (and advice on selecting one)
  • Publisher pitch and deal advice
  • Full “Scribe Method” Manuscript Service, along with professional co-writer
  • Guidance on managing and maximizing your publisher relationship
  • Cover design consultation and services
  • Book launch and marketing advice

Cost: 50k+. We’re only able to offer this package to a select few. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us and we’ll discuss with you.

What We Can Do

Custom Professional Publishing

This is a catch all for any sort of custom professional publishing services you may need.

In the past, we have created entire publishing companies for major multi-national corporations and organizations. We also created entirely new ways to publish a book, like Tucker did for his own books. We have also assembled and delivered the most professional self-publishing experience possible, like we did for James Altucher.

Whatever your difficult to fulfill needs in the book arena may be, we will make it work.

Tucker Max

Tucker Max


Tucker has written four #1 New York Times Best Sellers, including I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, which spent five years on the bestseller list. His books have sold over 3 million copies, been translated into over 40 languages, and he is credited with creating the literary genre “fratire.” He is one of only three authors (along with Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis) to have three non-fiction books on the New York Times Bestseller List at one time.

A movie was made about his life, also called “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.” He co-wrote the screenplay, and was a producer on the movie. He was nominated to the Time Magazine “100 Most Influential List” in 2009.

Tucker has founded three book publishing companies, one he exited (Tropaion Books) and one which he currently runs (Scribe Media). He also co-founded a book marketing firm (Brass Check Marketing).

He got his BA from the University of Chicago in 1998, and JD from Duke Law School in 2001. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and children.

Mark Chait

Mark Chait

Mark Chait began his editorial career at Hyperion Books. As an up-and-coming editor there, he worked closely with the late Mike Wallace on the iconic newsman’s memoir. He also edited Bob Hope’s last book, Laila Ali’s memoir, and many others.

As a senior editor at Penguin, he published numerous New York Times bestsellers, managed a successful line of military nonfiction, and contributed heavily to a thriving Latino imprint. He worked on books with famous athletes (Sean Payton, Victor Cruz), broadcasters (Soledad O’Brien), government figures and politicians (Sen. Robert Menendez, Colombian president Alvaro Uribe), and more.

As an executive editor at HarperCollins, he continued to publish books by a wide range of personalities and celebrities, including Jerry Rice, Bob Saget, the rapper Scarface, Brittney Griner, and many others.

Currently, Mark is the Principal Book Creative at Scribe, and the Head Outliner for Lioncrest.

He lives in Brooklyn, and is on the organizing committee for the Brooklyn Book Festival, where he has put together high-profile panels and commissioned such distinguished authors and personalities as Charlayne Hunter-Gault, John Leguizamo, and Toure.