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what some of ours bestselling authors are saying...

           Tucker and his team were absolutely crucial to my publishing success with Choose Yourself. They did everything but write the book, and were the reason it was a best seller.


James Altucher
Bestselling Author of Choose Yourself!

           Lioncrest is my secret weapon. No one knows more about books or publishing. No one.


Kamal Ravikant
Author of Live Your Truth


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Professionally Publish Your Book

You have a book and want to make sure it looks great? We can make sure every part of the publishing process--interior design, cover, copy, etc--is perfectly done, and radiates the professionalism your book deserves.

Guide You Through the Entire Process

Do you have a great idea for a book, but the whole publishing process confuses and frustrates you? If you need someone to guide you through the whole publishing process, from writing all the way through the book launch, you need to talk to us. We're the experts.

Help Navigate Traditional Publishing

Are you an author that has a traditional deal, but needs help managing the complicated process of dealing with your publisher? We can help with that as well.

Triple Your Royalties By Creating Your Own Publishing Company

We have done this for many authors, and can guide you through the entire process. It's long and involved, but if you have sold a lot of books, it might be worth it to you to explore (read more here)



The reality for most authors--even #1 best selling authors like myself-- is that traditional publishing is not the best way to go. We should control our own publishing destinies. The problem is that self-publishing companies offer services that are amateur and unprofessional, and make our books look bad.

Lioncrest Publishing was created to help other authors solve this problem, the same problem I faced when I published my own books: There wasn't any way to get high-level professional publishing services.

Now there is. I started Lioncrest to solve my own book publishing problems, and now it helps other authors solve theirs.

Lioncrest can provide any author the exact same publishing services that made my last book a #1 NY Times Best Seller, that made James Altucher's last book a WSJ best seller, and that dozens of other authors have used to publish their books.

Tucker Max
#1 NY Times Best Selling Author and CEO of Lioncrest Publishing


Publishing is a complicated process.

A short call with our experts will help you understand what you need and exactly what the next steps forward should be.

           Just talking to Tucker about publishing has been worth more to me than anything else I've done for my book.


Noah Kagan
Author of How I Lost 170 Million Dollars